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Chattanooga Public Library Card Permission Form
Posted On:
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chattanooga Public Library Card Permission Form



My child has permission to register for a public library card.  In order for him/her to receive library card privileges and/or services, the Chattanooga Public Library has permission to access my child’s information from the Hamilton County Department of Education. 


I understand that I will be responsible for all fines and charges associated with this card.


It is the policy of the Chattanooga Public Library that parents or guardians, not the library staff, are responsible for monitoring and approving the selection of materials made by their children. It is the parents or guardians—and only these—who may restrict their children from access to library materials and services.


Parents or guardians who wish to block their children from borrowing items from the young adult and adult collections should visit any of our public library locations and request for library staff to issue a card limited to borrowing materials with a juvenile designation.


Replacement cost for a lost card is $1.00.  If your child loses his/her card, please come to any of our public library locations with your ID to purchase a replacement.





 (Child’s Full Name)




 (Child’s Birthdate)




 (Lunch ID#)




 (Homeroom Teacher)




By signing this form, I acknowledge I have read and understand the information above and give my child permission to have a library card.




Signature of Parent/Guardian




Print Full Name of Parent/Guardian 



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