Chris Darras

Hello My Name Is...

Chris Darras



Started teaching in 2000 in month #1,

Exercise is important, but so is having fun.

I have lived my whole life in Chattanooga, Tennessee,

Went to school at St. Jude, Notre Dame, and UTC. 

My wife and I have 2 kids- both are boys,

My family and my job are my top two joys.

It is important to teach about health and exercise,

Living life to the fullest is the ultimate prize.

I use my crazy sense of humor in all I do,

So if the kids say “He’s nuts”, it probably true.

P.E. is not just about fun games and getting to play,

It’s teaching healthy habits to use every single day.

I encourage everyone to always try their best,

My goal for the kids is to be above all the rest.


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