Arrival and Dismissal

A staff member is on duty to monitor car rider arrivals at 7:45 A.M. NO STUDENTS SHOULD ARRIVE PRIOR to 7:45. Students not eating breakfast here at school will go directly to their classrooms. Students eating breakfast here at school will go directly to classrooms from the cafeteria. BREAKFAST IS SERVED FROM 7:45 A.M. and ends at 8:15 A.M. PLEASE SEE THAT YOUR CHILD ARRIVES ON TIME. All students transported by car need to enter from the car rider door prior to 8:15 A.M. Any arrival after 8:15 is considered to be tardy. Anyone picked up prior to 2:30 will be counted as an early dismissal. Our expectation is that every student is here everyday for optimal learning. If students are consistently arriving late or being dismissed early, this could negatively impede their academic progress. Afternoon dismissal will begin at 2:55. Please do not come into the office to sign your child out in lieu of using the carline. The expectation is that all mode of transportation is firmed by prior to 2:30.We cannot accommodate student sign out in the front office after 2:30. Please be mindful that students are already transitioning towards dismissal and they cannot be accessed in a timely manner.

Late Arrivals - An adult must accompany students who arrive after 8:15 A.M. to the front office and sign their child in. The student will be given a pass to be admitted to class and the tardy will be documented. Students who arrive late cannot be escorted to their class by a parent. All entrances will be locked from the outside after 8:15. After that time, you must use the buzz-in system at the front entrance. Students who arrive after 11:30 A.M. will be considered absent for the entire day, however, they will still be welcomed to attend class and receive important instruction.

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