Discipline Policy

It is our goal to create a safe and positive learning environment that protects the rights of all students. Our school rules and discipline policies are developed and enforced to foster respect, responsibility, and reflection. We use positive reinforcements/motivators to promote desired student behaviors. School rules apply on school grounds, on buses, and at any school event where our school is represented. All teachers will communicate their classroom behavior/management plan to you and your child. When school rules are not followed appropriate consequences will occur. In the event of repetitive, disruptive or dangerous behaviors a child may be referred to administration and consequences will be determined by the principal.

Bullying/Threats -DuPont promotes a "Bully-Free" environment. Serious threats, forms of harassment, and bullying are not tolerated. Repeated incidents are to be reported to school officials.


At registration each parent will receive a copy of the Acceptable Code of Conduct. Please review it with your child, sign and return the signature portion to the school.


The following offenses will not be tolerated: Students shall not possess, handle, transmit, use or attempt to use any dangerous weapon or possess any drug in school buildings or on school grounds at any time, or in school vehicles and/or buses or off the school grounds at a school-sponsored activity, function or event. Violators of this section shall be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from school. In accordance with state law, any student who commits battery upon any teacher, principal, or any other employee of the school, shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year.

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