Student Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance is an essential ingredient to successful academic progress and establishes a pattern of behavior necessary in the job market. The Board of Education set forth the following guidelines for excused absences from school:

1. Personal illness (physician's statement required)

2. Death in immediate family (obituary required)

3. Family Illness (physician's statement required)

4. Religious holiday (prior approval required)

5. Personal doctor or dental appointment which cannot be scheduled at times other than school hours, court appearances, School or District-sponsored activities

On the day that they return, students who are absent from school should bring a written statement explaining absences, signed and dated by the parent. The law requires that school officials report to the court any parent or guardian who has a child who is unlawfully absent from school for four unexcused days during the school year, or tardy five unexcused days for the school year. Should this be the case with your child, please know that it is customary practice in all Hamilton County schools for the school social worker to follow up with a home visit. If a student is chronically late, or has missed four days (which do not have to be consecutive), teachers are REQUIRED to inform the school social worker in writing.

"We Need Every Student Here Everyday!"

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