Visitors and School Security

School security is taken very seriously at DuPont. The safety of all students and staff is our first priority. In order to gain entrance into the school between 8:15-2:50, ALL visitors must use the buzz-in system at the front of the building. Once you buzz the office, the office staff will ask for your name and your reason for entering the school. As another layer of security please make sure you have a photo ID to show school staff. Once your ID has been verified, you will be buzzed into the front door. At this time, you MUST enter the front office, sign in, and get a visitor's badge. Although these measures may prove to be inconvenient, please trust that the safety of your children supersedes everything else. ALL VISITORS GOING BEYOND THE FRONT OFFICE MUST HAVE A VISITOR'S BADGE.

Dismissal Procedures

Student safety is our top priority; therefore, all requests for dismissal changes, either the method or the person responsible for pick up, must be made by a parent or guardian before 2:30 pm. After 2:30 p.m., the focus of the office is on dismissal safety so late dismissal requests may not be processed. Please do not email a staff member to change your child's dismissal. There is no guarantee that your email will be received. Please remember that students will only be released to individuals who are listed on their information cards kept in the front office. Again, a photo ID will be required. If, for some reason, circumstances change and a person listed is no longer allowed to withdraw your child, you must make sure that you provide the school with the most updated relevant information/court order/s. We cannot enforce changes in custody arrangements without this. All dismissal changes must be done in writing. In the event of unforeseen emergencies we will make every effort to assist.

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