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Welcome to Ms. Kemp's Fourth Grade Science & Social Studies Class!!

I want to stress the importance of checking this website often as updates occur often!

I also use the Remind101 app on my iPhone and strongly recommend downloading it to get updates through text message. Refer below according to different blocks:

-Block 1 (Hicks Homeroom) text @9da30 to (469)331-4930

-Block 2 (Thurmond Homeroom) text @6fb86 to (469)331-4930

-Block 3 (Kemp Homeroom) text @cc9e3 to (469)331-4930

**Do not call this number as it is just a number for text-style alerts. This is not my personal number**

E-mail is the best way to communicate with me. I respond to e-mails within 24 hours. Any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


This year in Science and Social Studies, we will be focusing on many different topics. It would benefit your child to review these topics often to help ensure knowledge and remembrance. Just because we move onto another topic, does not mean it should be forgotten.

In Science, we will be focusing on the topics below (but not limited to):

1) The basic structures of plant and animal cells.

2) The impact of predation and competition on an ecosystem.

3) Energy pyramid

4) Metamorphosis

5) Survival, endangerment and extinction of organisms

6) Phases of the Moon

7) How wind and water affect the Earth's surface

8) Water Cycle

9) Weather and Climate

10) Measuring mass, volume, and temperature using proper units of measure.

11) Forms of energy

12) Motion

13) Speed and distance

14) Electricty and magnetism


In Social Studies, we will be focusing on the topics below (but not limited to):

1) Native Americans and their culture

2) Cultural groups who inhabited North America in the 17th century

3) Supply and Demand

4) Colonial America

5) Explorers of the Americas on a map

6) Geographical features

7) Rivers of US

8) Latitude and Longitude

9) Branches of Government

10) Population vs. Evnvironment

11) American Revolution

12) Lewis and Clark

13) Tennessee History

14) Trail of Tears

15) Lousiana Purchase


I also encourage books to be purchased about the topics above or any books of the student's interest to be purchased at (see the link section) using the class code: M9R3F. For every book you buy from Scholastic Reading Club, our class earns FREE books and supplies. We always have eyes on new additions to our classroom library. I put orders in every Friday, unless the total does not exceed $25. If so, I carry the order over until the following Friday. You may place the order directly through me, or you may order online and have the books delivered straight to your door.


Please check the Calendar for any school/class updates.